Japan Business Initiative for Biodiversity

businesses can reverse nature loss
in this decade.

Together, businesses can reverse nature loss within this decade.

Biodiversity is the foundation on which all businesses depend. This is why it is regarded as a natural capital that supports and enables business to continue.

But we are losing this valuable foundation and the momentum of that loss is not stopping. Many companies around the world are now voicing their commitment to addressing this issue. They are taking actions to reverse this trend by 2030 and to make it a common global goal.

In order to secure our own foundations, JBIB is also dedicated to furthering such actions. We are moving forward persistently to transition our businesses to be in harmony with nature. We believe that this is the only way to make business and society sustainable.

JBIB is a group of Japanese corporations committed to biodiversity conservation through their businesses. We will demonstrate business models in harmony with nature using the various approaches we have cultivated up to now and those that we will be developing.

Message from the Chairperson→

If we act together, it will be possible to reverse the loss of biodiversity by 2030. Businesses have the power to do so. I have complete faith in this. I hope that more companies will support this belief for a real reversal of the loss of biodiversity.

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